Do you Dream in Color?

Laura Kenyon

78% of us dream in color. 5% in black and white. And the remainder are the poor souls who don’t remember their dreams. Here’s an interesting tidbit. The number of folks who dream in color went up dramatically when we all started watching color TV. Yes, children, TV used to be in black and white.

Now, do you dream in Rugs? So much of the creative process has nothing to do with actually pulling loops through linen. We spend so much time thinking about our rugs. Sometimes, the rug just percolates in the background without us being consciously aware as we go about life. Other times, like in the car or in the shower, we find ourselves hard at work thinking through a challenge. How many hours do we put into a piece? Well, I have found a great time saver. I found a way to dream about my rugs. It saves me some working time when I can actually be productive and pull loops.

Sweet dreams,


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Yes, Virginia, there is a Rugfest....

Laura Kenyon4 comments

Next stop for the Seaside sisters travelling circus is the Virginia Rugfest in Mechanicsville, VA ( just outside Richmond).   The Shockhoe Slip Rughookers throw a heck of a party every year. Other vendors include The Wool Studio, Not Forgotten Farms, Mary's Wool Garden,and  Handmaiden Designs.

Seaside at the Virginia Rugfest

 There is always a silent auction to benefit a scholarship fund for a Fiber Art student. And lots of great rugs displayed.

Beginners are welcome with a class available that morning.

The featured speaker will be Kris McDermet.  She does marvelous work combining braiding and hooking.  You may have seen her in Rug Hooking Magazine or Celebrations.  Her website is

The Rugfest is April 9.  The details and registration form are available at or contact Mary Henck at  See you there?


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Laura Kenyon

I have been waiting for a while to see this rug finished.  About a year ago I wanted to share a photo of the rug in progress since it was obviously going to be a stunner. Well, Becky asked me to wait until it was finished.  It was worth waiting.  She sent this photo yesterday.  And she sent this great narrative.  So in her words...


For some time I had wanted to do a large “oriental” rug but was not able to get beyond the thought.  While attending the “Off the Hook”  hook-in and exhibit sponsored by the Atlanta Dogwood Guild back in 2012 at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center, I found “the rug” I wanted to undertake……”Sazerac” by Seaside Rug Hooking…..not an oriental, but fun. It was filled with lots of different whimsical motifs that I knew would keep my interest going and allow me to really play with color. I love color….almost to a fault! The brighter, the better! Color makes my heart sing! 

So the journey began…..With the help of my regular rug hooking teacher, Linda Bell of Hiawassee, Georgia, we started pulling together wool from my “stash”. Linda dyed the background and border for me. I chose to use a #3 cut for the design and #5 for the border. I don’t know what I was thinking, but the result was what I wanted. The detail I could achieve using the smaller cut was important. 

The easiest part of this rug was playing with color for the major motifs in the design and background. Once these were done, the plan was set for the repeats elsewhere in the rug. The hardest part was narrowing down the color choices and the time spent to complete the rug. There were other projects started and completed in between the beginning and completion of “Sazerac”. Finally in January 2016”Sazerac” was finished! My heart is singing indeed!!!

 Becky Jackson

Lakemont, GA


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The Rest of the Story

Laura Kenyon

My sister, Laura Kenyon, and I hadn’t done a sisterly kind of vacation for at least 10 years.  So I thought it would be fun if we went to our ancestral stomping grounds in Maine and try something new -  “Traditional Rug Hooking”.  I had seen an ad in Rug Hooking Magazine for a workshop with a teacher in Scarborough named Jacqueline Hansen.   We were excited before we even got there just looking at the magazine and dreaming up our first projects.

We were absolutely “hooked” the first day. We would hook until late afternoon with the most delightful group of women at Jackye’s studio, the 1840 House, and go back to the hotel to hook until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. 

                           Here's a photo of Laura hooking her first rug in 2006.

Laura Kenyon with her first rug

About that same time, Jackye was looking for someone to take over the pattern business that she had grown over 40 years. Well, I told you we love rug hooking.  May 11, 2007, we became the new owners and caretakers of  “Jacqueline Designs” patterns.  We are so proud to bring forward the many pattern designs by one of the women  who along with Pearl McGown and Joan Moshimer brought our dear craft of rug hooking back from near extinction in the US. We named our new adventure the Seaside Rug Hooking Company.

Funny how history repeats itself.  We later found out that Jackye had started out exactly the same way.  She took a rug hooking class at a little needlecraft shop called “Berry’s of Maine” in 1968 and ended up buying the place!


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Eye Candy

Laura Kenyon

Cirque de Sazerac Rug

Look what Carolyn Junemann sent us!  She spent her wintry weekend finishing this "Cirque de Sazerac"  She worked with Michelle Micarelli to find the perfect color plan. Thanks for sharing!


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Blog,blog,blah, blah,blah....

Laura Kenyon

I'm not sure that I want to get into the blog business.  Seems to me I waste enough time on the computer away from the normal things of life (of course, including rug hooking).  But I'll start out and see where it goes.   Just realize I'm a little reticent to start.

I am a rug hooker, started out that way, at least.  We'll not started out...actually,started out as an embroiderer of jeans and work shirts, remember the day?  And I learned to knit from my grandmother since she was the only one who could teach me since we were both left-handed.  I am a whiz at making silly little knit slippers with pompoms.  Made a couple sweaters too, but not a great knitter.  Don't even ask me about socks.

Did my share of macramé plant hangers, few counted cross-stich pieces (ugh).  Then got started on needlepoint...

Now needlepoint is something you can really get long as you have money to burn.  Think rug hooking is getting a little pricey?  Check out needlepoint canvases and fancy threads.

I guess I still love needlepoint.  Will probably continue to do it.  I have a partially done canvas that has sat on a frame for at least 7 years.  The fact that it's still on the frame means I haven't given up on it.

And then came rug hooking........




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Laura Kenyon

There are always bumps.  Found a few bumps in the road on the way to the new website but I think we're good now.  "Feel free to contact us!"...except I never provided you with an email address, mailing address, or even phone number. Duh! Thank you to  Randi who found that mistake for us.

Please "Feel free to contact us!" with other little screw-ups you find on the website.  Post your comments here...(if it is technically possible and I haven't messed that up too)


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New Digs....

Laura Kenyon

The Seaside Sisters have moved into their new virtual rug hooking shop.  All clean and new.  Seems like there is so much more space than the last website. 

Take a look around.  It'll take a while for us to all know where everything is.  I know I won't remember where I put anything. The Search button is a godsend.  If you can't find a pattern you are looking for, let me know.  For now, some are still in a virtual box in the virtual attic.

While you are here, be sure to join our Hooked, Line and Sinker Rug Hooking Club.  Our mailing list may have been a lost forever in our move, so even if you have joined before on the previous website or the Hooked, Line, and Sinker Facebook page, please join again.  We'll be sending you special notices and secret sales.

 As a thank you for joining, we are giving you a 15% discount on your order.  Use the secret code SNEAK PEEK when you check out. 

Let's stay in touch!

Deb and Laura


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