Pride before the fall...

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I just got an email that Tamara Pavich's new book about designing rugs will be shipped soon in the Rug hooking Magazine Book Club.  What a lift to my day, since I'm honored to have one of my rugs to be included.  She had asked me over a year ago if she could use a piece I hooked called "Praise House".

So, I was walking a little lighter when I went to pick up a piece I had framed. I couldn't wait to see how it turned out since it was my husband's 3 month late Christmas gift.  It was ready on time, and we opened it up at the counter enough to be sure that it was my piece.

John wasn't home, so I rushed to get it hung on the wall. Then I looked at it a little closer.  Gee, there were a lot of "holidays"-spots of linen showing between the rows.   And the eyes of the dogs, just didn't look right.

Well, Dang!  Someone actually framed it with the back side out.  Are you kidding me?  It really looked horrible.  Is that what someone thought that this was the good side???

I left the receipt with the store name in the  photo because I am still mad.

I went flying back to the store and the Framing Expert (that's what it said on his name tag, he looked 14 years old)  just couldn't understand what the problem was, it looked ok to him, "We'll give you 25% off," he said.

After a short discussion with the manager, who took it completely out of the frame, the piece was reframed in less than a day.  And I still got it on the wall when John was out of the house.

Well, my pride really took a hit.  I know it wasn't my best effort.  Fine shading is not my thing.   I did it because it was the only gift John wanted for Christmas. You can bet I won't be hooking realistic fine shading for quite a while since you can't even tell which side is the front....



 If we ever get another dog, I'm calling Judy Carter!



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