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St. Patrick's "Sharin' of the Green" Special Gift

We will be bringin' to you a little gift o' the green.  We'll be sendin' you a package of wool and sari silk ribbon (green, of course) with every order worth the lucky number of 70 dollars or more. 

Nothing special for you to do.  Just place the order and one of the leprechauns will add our gift into your package.

Now, the leprechauns will be leavin' on the night of March 17, so we can only offer this to you til then. So if you have been lookin' at a pattern you'd be hookin' someday, this would be the day to get it. 


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Patterns and Kits for beginners and all levels of ability 

designed by Jacqueline Hansen, Debra Walland, and Laura Kenyon

Every Pattern is Hand-Drawn and Straight  


We are constantly updating and rotating our merchandise offerings based on the season.  Please don't dismay if your favorite pattern isn't offered in a current collection.  The pattern may be found by using the SEARCH function.

If you have bookmarked a pattern from the previous website and it doesn't come up, please contact us.  We can still provide patterns from the archived pages.