"Tis the Season

"Tis the Season

Posted by Laura Kenyon on

Well, we are either frantically trying to finish a hooked project for a gift, or we have not touched our hooking since before Thanksgiving.  Most of us are in one of those camps.

Me...I am working on a special piece for my husband of our two dogs, but I am not stressing out about finishing it by Christmas morning.   He knows it is coming and actually helping me with a second look when I need it.  It is a challenging piece, one dog, Rosie has dark eyes and a batman mask.  That is making me crazy.  There won't be a lot of linen left by the time I "reverse hook" out for the last time.

The one gift I did finish is read to be wrapped.

owl pillow

My grown daughter has a thing for owls, so here it is.  Here's the back (because I like paisley).

 I think it will be a hit.


I hope your projects go as smoothly as my owl pillow, and don't fret if the Christmas piece you are working on isn't done.

Somebody  is always going to have a birthday coming, and there is always next Christmas...

Merry Christmas to all,

Laura and Deb


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