Laura Kenyon and Debra Walland

We are the Seaside Sisters, yes, biologic sisters,  who love the art and craft of traditional rug hooking  and want to share it. We are the caretakers of Jackye Hansen's rug patterns to keep her traditional art available.  We also design contemporary patterns and kits.

We got started by visiting Jacqueline Hansen in her home studio in Maine for a week to take our first rug hooking class.  That was in 2006.  We have been busy since then.


Laura Kenyon is a two-time finalist in "Celebration of Hand- Hooked Rugs" as well as being published in Rug Hooking Magazine for her wonderful hooking. Most recently she was included in Janet Conner's "Magnificent Rugs: She received her teacher certification  from the Pearl McGown Guild and is an active board member. Her work has been the cover rug for the Northeastern Teacher's Workshop twice. She teaches regularly in her home state of Rhode Island, and has taught in Hilton Head, as well as the Eastwood School of Fiber Arts in Sebring, Florida.She is a member of ATHA, Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild, and the McGown Guild.  

Debra Walland is the southern sister now living in South Carolina.  Her rugs have been published in both the ATHA magazine, Rug Hooking Magazine, and t " Designed by You: Ideas and Inspiration for Rug Hookers" by Tamara Pavich (2018), " Hooked on  Words" by Ellen Banker (2018), and Janet Conner's "Magnificent Rugs" (2019). She is a member of the  American Craft Council, ATHA, The Fiber Guild of the Savannahs, and Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild. Her work can be seen at the Calhoun Street Gallery in Bluffton, South Carolina as well as Fiber Art pages on Instagram and Facebook. Her designs are contemporary , fresh, and whimsical.  

Jacqueline Hansen

Our mission is to keep the tradition of hand-hooking rugs alive, fresh, and flourishing.  We are keeping Mrs. Hansen's classic rug patterns, Jacqueline Designs, available  for the next generations. She is a historian, fine artist, and teacher of rug hooking of the highest eschelon.  She continues to teach and custom design and color plan rugs. 

The Eastwood School of Fiber Arts

In 2019 Anne Eastwood retired from directing the SCRUB Hooking Camps which she had in Florida since the 1960s.  She asked us to continue her work, so we are now co-directors of her "camps". She is our Director Emeritus. What an honor that she chose us!  The school is in the same location in Sebring , Florida. 

Honoring Anne Eastwood

The only thing that has changed is that we surprised her by renaming it in her honor.  The school is now  " The Eastwood School of Fiber Arts".  The emphasis is on rug hooking, but we are adding other fiber arts. Let us know what you would like offered.

Contact information is the same as for Seaside.  Check the bottom of the page.  Also on the Home page menu is all the current details and registration for the next sessions.

 Questions, Comments, and Challenges?

 We welcome questions and challenges and offer help in searching for something special. Yes, You will talk to a real person.  We love to hear from you! 

Email us photos of your finished piece.  If you wouldn't mind that we put them on the Facebook page or add them to the website, please say so.   Otherwise, we will contact you for permission.  Try to get us a good quality photo of fairly high resolution for the website. - but it doesn't have to be "Celebrations" quality, Just try to get it as square as possible and get the whole rug in the photo in good light.And please send it as a .jpeg attachment.

It is always helpful to other customers when there are reviews on the products.  Please add a review on the page. Even a criticism in a comment will help another rug hooker as well as letting us know we have a problem.

Occasionally, life isn't perfect.If you have a problem or would like to return a product please let us know. 

To Contact Us:

 Feel free to contact us through the form on this page or call to reach us directly. We are also on Facebook and Messenger  but it may take a little longer for a response.  

Facebook page:  Hooked, Line and Sinker Rug Hooking Club group page has lots of interaction with our customers and friends.  We also have the Seaside Rug Hooking Co. page with more details about our patterns and a small boutique of our most popular patterns and supplies to buy directly from Facebook. And we are on Instagram  Seaside_Rug_ Hooking_Co...

The Eastwood School of Fiber Arts Facebook  page is where you can find more  information and updates about the school.  You are also welcome to use the contact page here to ask about the school.


Mailing address:  133 Old Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879  (US)

Email:, or

Telephone:  (401) 932-6994