Our Products

Kits and Patterns

We are proud to supply the rug hooking community with the highest standard in quality patterns and kits. We love to hook rugs too so we know what you want.

Most orders are shipped within 1-3 days, occasionally up to a week for a large pattern that needs to be drawn or a kit that is not in stock.  We will contact you if it will be longer than 2 weeks.

We draw by hand every pattern individually with a permanent marking pen in strong sharp lines. Each time the pattern is drawn by the artists; there are small details that will be a little different to add to the handmade individuality of each piece.  No assembly line here. Be sure, the design is always straight on the backing. 

The margins of the pattern are generous enough to allow the rug to be moved easily on the frame, even when working at the edge of the design.  There is also a little extra room to be creative with the border.  We  leave at least 4 inches and usually five inches per side.

You have your choice of your favorite backing material - Linen, Monks cloth, or Rug warp.  There is no upcharge for any background fabric.

Rug punchers, we didn't forget about you.  We would be happy to draw any pattern reversed (at no extra charge).  Just add a note to the order and we'll be happy to oblige. Most punchers prefer monks cloth, but our linen has a tight enough weave that many punchers like it.

Foundation Cloth (Backing)

Linen is the strongest and most durable backing fabric.  We use traditional unbleached 2-ply linen with 13 by 13 threads per inch.  It is a tight enough weave for hooking with fine cuts or yarn but comfortable up to an #8 (1/4 inch) strips.  A looser weave primitive linen (12 by 12 threads per inch) may be available by special request 

Monks cloth is a lightweight cotton backing with 24 by 26 threads per inch. It is popular for its soft hand and how it adapts for most any size cut.  It moves easily to accommodate all but the largest width strips.  For fine shading, it is great because it will allow you to add just a few loops almost anywhere you want them to go.

Rug warp is a heavier cotton backing with 11 by 13 threads per inch. It is very popular when using fine cut wool. It is especially good for very large rugs which tend to lose their shape.


Our yarn is from Briggs and Little. 100% wool. 

Mill Dyed Wool Fabric

Our wools come from the best sources, and they are all 100% wool.  Yardage is not washed, and should be prepared before adding it to your project, unless noted in the product description. Washed wool has been measured prior to washing. Please allow for shrinkage.  

Hand Dyed Wool Fabric

We use Dorr signature line wool for all our dyed wool so you know it is a high grade and can be cut for fine shading without falling apart. Standard size is a fat quarter, roughly 16 inches by 27 inches.  Each piece is unique but if you require more than one quarter we may be able to supply a full half or yard that has been uncut.  That is not always the case, and you may receive two fat quarters from the same piece but not contiguous.  Please buy what you need. Each piece is unique and impossible to replicate. The quantity box will list how many quarters are  available.

Sari Silk Ribbon

Our silk ribbon is from a supplier in India who purchases edges and scraps from sari manufacturers.   Most skeins are beautifully abrashed, or mixed colors to give depth to your work.  The website is set up to show the 25-yard skeins that are in stock so you can plan your project. Colors vary from skein to skein.