Making History

Laura Kenyon
Christine Brinkman Primitive Pineapple
We met Sue Brinkman at the Virginia Rugfest this weekend.  She hooked a beautiful "Primitive Pineapple". (The pattern is available here.)  The color planning is wonderfully edited with the colors distributed throughout the rug. Light, bright, dark, and dull. She also chose a dark background with lots of contrast against the motif.  Lots of lessons to be learned by looking at the rug.
But the main lesson she teaches is hidden behind the rug.rug label
Sue has the history of the rug preserved with a detailed label. Not just the who and when, but where, and with whom...and charming art work carefully hand-stitched.
So many rugs are found or passed down without their stories. So much is lost when we don't know anything about the rug or the maker.   There is so much more joy when we know the history.
Make a label and keep the history!  Not just for your family to have, but some day maybe you'll need the label to remember....

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