Rangoli in Rhode Island

Rangoli in Rhode Island

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Every couple of weeks a small group of amazing women come together to hook and share with me in Rhode Island. I am privileged to spend time with these ladies. 

One week I showed up with a new pattern that we were about to unveil and asked them to color plan the pattern for me to hook.

 The first week we spent some time on the internet, ipads and phones came out, to research the art of Rangoli (pronounced run-goalie).  This art form from India creates designs in living rooms or courtyards using colored rice, flour, sand or flower petals.  They are usually made during Indian festivals and the patterns are meant to welcome Hindu deities as well as guests to the home. They are most often very bright and colorful geometric designs.  Some are more elaborate and intricate than others but all are beautiful.

rangoli drawn with sandSquare rangoli on pavement

As we learned and looked at the new Seaside pattern with birds and a flower the decision was made to keep to the more traditional look of the Rangoli patterns which included a white outline and bright colors.  They made the color choice the first week and I promised to bring the pattern back with wool for the next meeting.

Bird Rangoli pattern

The second time we met I brought a big basket of wool and my color wheel.  While they had decided on the colors they wanted me to use, I thought that it would be a good time to play with the color wheel.  I asked the group to take the wool and first find the primary colors, then on to the secondary colors and then the tertiary colors.  We identified complimentary colors, split complimentary colors, the triads and tetrads with the wool as it was laid out on the table.  They used the new knowledge to pick the colors for the pattern.  We made three or four different variations of the pattern and finally decided on a blue, yellow and red option with green as the background.  Here is the final combination of colors they picked.

 pattern with wool choices


This is the start of the pattern….We decided on a 6 cut for the whole pattern

It is fun and bright. I will keep you up to date with the progress.

I had already completed the Rangoli Square with left over dip dyes. This is worked in a 4 cut.


These patterns are quick and fun.  We hope you like them. You’ll find several Rangoli pieces in the “Song of India” group.



PS  Here is the update. We never did post the final piece.  All that is left is finishing the edges.

Bird Rangoli Hooked

The colors are pretty tame for India, but it is a real stretch for some of the gals in New England!

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