Do you Dream in Color?

Posted by Laura Kenyon on

78% of us dream in color. 5% in black and white. And the remainder are the poor souls who don’t remember their dreams. Here’s an interesting tidbit. The number of folks who dream in color went up dramatically when we all started watching color TV. Yes, children, TV used to be in black and white.

Now, do you dream in Rugs? So much of the creative process has nothing to do with actually pulling loops through linen. We spend so much time thinking about our rugs. Sometimes, the rug just percolates in the background without us being consciously aware as we go about life. Other times, like in the car or in the shower, we find ourselves hard at work thinking through a challenge. How many hours do we put into a piece? Well, I have found a great time saver. I found a way to dream about my rugs. It saves me some working time when I can actually be productive and pull loops.

Sweet dreams,


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