How to talk about Color

Debra Walland
Defining the words we use to describe color

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Three Seas

Debra Walland

   You know sometimes, you  are having so much time at a meeting or class or gathering, that you get a little carried away?  You get enthusiastic about the future.  Maybe you buy more wool than you need, or you make a commitment to your local group, or you buy a pattern for a rug that is huge.  And then you get home and say "What did I do?"

Well, three good friends, Lita McCormick, Sandy Myers, and Patty Simpson  decided they would have their own little challenge.  They decided to pick a pattern and each hook it in their own way. They chose a great design that is not too big.  It also offers all kinds of choices and improvisations.





One friend got right in to it. Her rug was done in no time.  One was in the middle,  And the other said  " What did I get myself into?" and procrastinated a little...okay, well more than a little.


Isn't it amazing how they are so different?

Well, guess what, they have decided to do it again.  They are hooking the Talavera Pumpkin...

Stay tuned!


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"Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions'- Picasso

Debra Walland

Let me start by saying I hate Picasso.  He was a bully, a woman-hater, a bad husband and father, and jerk by what I can tell. But, he did some things right.

I like his early work, and once in a while, you can find a quote like this one that is worthwhile to hold on to.

My work is usually full of great chroma and contrast. But I am just coming out of a rough time when not only did I not hook very much, but color did not appeal to me.  I even found myself dressing differently.  I live in the South and there is color everywhere, except my closet.  Lots of beige, black, and gray. 

Things are looking up now but I still see less color in my work.  The pieces seem fine, but not what I did before. Not what I think I really am.  I am dyeing with Cushing dyes instead of ProChem. I guess I still have some healing to do.  But my features -  my smile -  is coming back. And soon will the brights and lights.  Enough of the darks and dulls.

Don't worry, Be Happy-


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How to Hook a Better Rug

Debra Walland
Not all of us are able to have teachers, here are some self help suggestions for hooking a better rug.

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Simple Christmas Wishes

Debra Walland

We wish you the time to enjoy what and who you love.
We wish you security in your life...enough of what you need.
We wish you good health or comfort and a path toward good health.
We wish you safety and freedom from anxiety.
We wish you peace in your heart, in your family, in your community,in your world.
We wish you Christmas joy.

Holiday blessings,
Laura Kenyon and Debra Walland

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My Trip to Vermont (where lots of people know what rug hooking is!)

Debra Walland
A short trip to Vermont, where people know what rug hooking is.

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Communicating with color

Debra Walland

Did you ever wonder why all SALE signs are red?  Did you even for a split second be surprised by the red title I used?  Color definitely talks to us.  A choice in color can make our work fly or hide.  The right placement and amount of color can make an immense difference.
So let's just look at a few colors and what they can do.


Brown, Gray, and Sky Blue

This is post 9/11 New York. The color choices tell us what we want to believe.  Browns bring out emotions of stability and comfort.  Brown is used to warm the scene,and give it stability.  It is the "down to earth" color. But it also suppresses emotion - like we shouldn't get too comfortable.
Gray is a neutral- it quiets and composes. It also can depress a mood. But it is often used in advertising to convey maturation or timelessnesss.  New York is still standing.
Blue is always known as the color of loyalty.  Sky blue actually can inspire trust and brings out the sense of freedom.    Thank you to Laura Kenyon for letting us borrow her work.





Orange, Red, and Yellow

We already talked about the sky blue. Along with freedom, it can evoke joy like in Ann Rudman's little friend.
Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. That shouldn't be news to anyone but too much yellow can cause anxiety, especially if it is a bright yellow. She used bits of the high chroma yellow, but her gold background is still a yellow. Far from being overstimulating, it actually does induce relaxation. Pay attention to wall colors, we use a lot of creamy yellows and gold in our homes and businesses-the color of wealth!
Red is used by advertisers to draw attention and inspire action, thus SALE! We all know that red is for passion, either anger or love. It is such a strong color that it is often used with a blue or orange tinge, not a true primary. It is an energizing color but can be overbearing and be perceived as violent.
Orange is an interesting color; the combination of yellow and red. It is adventurous and optimistic. Orange is the color of encouragement. Advertisers know that it appeals to young people. It is used to express freedom and draw attention. Too much orange can denote self-indulgence and insincerity.



We love color!  That is why we are selling hand-dyed wool on the Seaside website now.  It is the same wool we have at shows, so you already know the quality of the Dorr wool we use as a base.  Keep checking back at the site for new wool as we replace sold pieces.

Note: This is a reprint of the latest newsletter.  If you haven't subscribed, add your email address to the bottom of the home page and we will send one about once a month.

Debra -In Living Color (remember where that phrase came from?)



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Harold's Diner - Not Famous for its Food

Debra Walland1 comment

There is a tiny greasy spoon called "Harold's"  on the main drag on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It is a staple for the locals in the winter and gets flooded with tourists once the golf season starts in March and straight through the beach season and back to the golf season ending in November.  But no one goes there for the food,

They are there for the entertainment,  There are only about 5 tables for two and a short counter, but people wait. As soon as the front door sign says , "Sorry, we're open" (really) they start stumbling in.

Behind the counter is Chuck, a redheaded young (compared to me) guy who owns the place. He is the world's worst host, but world's greatest Red Sox fan. Don't walk in with a Yankees ball cap either comes off or you go hungry.

Chuck's favorite one liner goes like this: Almost every tourist is trying to get friendly so he can eat.  So they say "Are you  Harold?". His stock answer is a straight-faced, "No, Harold is dead".  It cracks up the regulars every time.

Just thought I'd share a little background of how my Chuck's Diner came to be.  Hope I got you to smile. I also have to brag a little since it is included with "Curb Your Dog" and many much nicer rugs by some great artists in Ellen Banker's new book, "Hooked on Words".


Hook with happiness!


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No End in Sight

Laura Kenyon
dots and dashes finished rugHow to hide the tails of strips , both at the start and at the end of the strip.

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When is a rug finished?

Laura Kenyon
How to index and organize your finished rugs.

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