The Three Amigas Challenge

The Three Amigas Challenge

Debra Walland

Just in time for Halloween (or the Day of the Dead) I received an email that I thought I would never see.  Patti Simpson, Lita McCormick, and Sandy Myers from Georgia and South Carolina had done the Sazerac Sea pattern as a challenge.  Their story is in the post titled "Three Seas"

Well they said they were going to do the Talavera Pumpkin together too.  Even after the first challenge---those punkinheads.   Well here they are, again as different as green peppers, jalapenos, and poblanos.  Thanks for sending them in, ladies.  Just love them. 

Que sigue? (What's next?)


Talavera Pumpkin with fringe Patti Simpson

Sandy Myer's Talavera Pumpkin


If anyone else is up for a challenge, leave a comment with your suggestion for the pattern either here or on the Hooked Line and Sinker Club facebook page.  We will see if these three are up to another one....

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