Tea with Royalty

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The mailman brought me a new rug hooking book last week.  There have been other priorities in our house, and even though it was a rug hooking book, I set it aside unopened. My mistake.

The book, Rug Hooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick, is the newest publication from the folks who bring us Rug Hooking magazine.  The book came in the "auto ship" program that Rug Hooking offers for new books. I am enrolled in the program although I seem to have sent back more that I have kept.  Well, this one is a keeper.

 I escaped life on Saturday morning  to retreat to the sunny screened porch with a glass of tea and Dame Deane.  Her writing style is so breezy and conversational and easy to read.  Even when she is explaining a how-to. Not to say that this is another "How I do this or that" book but she is generous to explain some of her techniques.

She tells stories about historic people and places. Keeping with her heritage, she writes about the Grenfell missions and Cheticamp hooking. She gives us some of the history of hooking that we love without a sounding like a reference librarian.  She  doesn't list facts and dates but introduces us to people we would like to have known.

As an artist, she shares with us some of her inspiration for her works.  As a teacher, she explains the techniques to convey a thought or a feeling in a piece. She also has a chapter written as a businesswoman.  I refer to her as Dame Deanne since she is rug hooking royalty to me.  She has contributed so much to advance rug hooking as and art and a craft and a livelihood.

Her book is a compilation of her writings, many if not all have been published before.  Some chapters may sound a little familiar, but in general, this is one book that is worth reading, and keeping.


Note:  Deanne will be speaking at the ATHA Biennial next year in Cleveland.  If you need another reason to get there (besides visiting the Seaside booth) this might be it.





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