Adult Coloring Books

Laura Kenyon
What do adult coloring books and rug patterns have in common?  I think there are a lot of similarities.
The same mindfulness and centering that make the coloring books so popular can be obtained as we hook rugs.  No matter if it's coloring or hooking, we can experience the same calm of distraction from our everyday worries.  Not everyone can agree that there is a meditative aspect to both, but we can all experience being in "the zone".
Not everyone can draw, but everyone is creative. The act of making something uniquely yours is intrinsically good, whether it was started from template or not. Aside from a purchased kit with wool, have you ever seen a rug pattern hooked identically by two people? No way.
For instance, here is the starting point for three different rugs:
Cirque de Sazerac pattern drawing
       Cirque de Sazerac Pattern
The creative aspect of hooking from a pattern is interpreting a basic plan, the same as starting from a black and white outline. How many choices are there in a single rug...cut, color, technique, materials, embellishments...
Here are three rugs to compare to each other.  Note how some of the simplest design elements are interpreted differently.
Carolyn Juneman
Cirque Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson
Cirque Rita Fenley
Rita Fenley
Making something beautiful is something we all can enjoy. But is it "Art"? This point of discussion is brought up often in all communities of creative endeavor. What is "original" art? Artists discuss "derivative work" as much as quilters and rug hookers. My opinion is - Who cares? Give credit where it is due if you started with another's idea - that is what is fair, and do what you love with it.

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