Wool is the traditional fabric for rug hooking because of its durability and natural flame retardancy.  We buy the proper weight wool for rug hooking, but it can be also used for applique and home sewing. It is always 100% wool. from the best suppliers. For our hand-dyed wool, we use Dorr Mill fabric for the best quality.

Solid and hand-dyed wool can be cut down to #3 (3/16 inch) strips without shredding. Textured wool can be cut to  #6 (3/8 inch) strips unless noted in the product description.

Fabric yardage is measured using these standards:

Yard = 36 inches by the bolt width

Half yard = 18 inches by the bolt width

Fat Half yard = 36 inches by one half the bolt width

Fat Quarter Yard = 18 inches by one half the bolt width 

All mill-dyed fabric should be washed prior to cutting for hooking unless described as already washed. All measurements are prior to washing the fabric. Some shrinkage should be expected.  Dyed fat quarters usually shrink to 17 inches by 28 inches.

Please note that computer monitors can alter colors.



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