Sari Silk Ribbon

 Add some pizzazz.  Get a nubby look with short loops or make long loops for fringe.  The ribbon can be used for knitting or crochet or punch.

This ribbon is a fair trade item from India and Nepal, helping women provide for their families. Remnants and scrap edges from sari manufacturing and vintage saris are hand torn are approximately 1/2 inch to an inch width and sewn or knotted together for a minimum of 25 yards per skein. The skeins vary from each other even with the same lot.  The color and quality of the fabric vary quite a bit. We never know what we might get from the supplier. We try to give accurate and honest descriptions. 

 Monitors and printers may vary from the actual color. 

Note:  Please don't steam sari silk. Colorfast properties vary with each piece. We cannot guarantee that the dye won't  bleed!