When is a rug finished?

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Everyone loves to hook or they wouldn't be reading this.  It is the best part of making a rug, at least for me.  I like to design, and color plan, and dye, but hooking is the reason I do all those things.  Then there are no more places to put a loop...alas, the rug is done.

Now the work starts....whipping, or somehow finishing the edges, and labelling the rug.  Title, Designed by Hooked by , year, and depending on you and how big the rug is, the size cut you used and any history you want to add such as: Inspired by our Christmas vacation to Hawaii, etc.

Still not done...I am going to try to be better at this, I am no saint, but these next things are very helpful as our memories fade.

File the photo- Start a 2018 folder and tuck it away.  Someday, someone will want to see what  you do, and you can show them.   Or ATHA newsletter may send out a call for Vacation or  Hawaii rugs and you'll be ready.  You also want a photo should the piece be purchased, get lost or, God forbid, stolen from a show or even a group meeting.  Many rugs have been rediscovered because the owner had a photo to post everywhere and someone recognized it.

If you are really interested in publishing your work, Start another file of rug descriptions.   Write down details like the size of the rug, year started and completed, wool dyed by, or recipes you used (in case the rug needs repair) and if you had been inspired by a work enough to credit an artist for the original piece, write it down with contact info.  Or better yet, ask permission from the artist before you start  the rug and file that here. 

Photo shop the rug if you plan to publish. Crop the photo and have it "Celebrations" ready by their guidelines.  That can go in either the photo file or your rug descriptions.

Then post it on Facebook(Pleeease on the Hooked, Line and Sinker FB page) Istagram, Pinterest, wherever you like.  You are best off if you have photoshop to watermark your name on it or at least add a bit of a margin to the rug to put in the title and your name. You deserve credit for what you do and that can get lost as people share things they like.

If it is one of our patterns, please send a copy here, and we will add it to the product page. Many folks can't imagine a finished rug by looking at the pattern alone. Consider it a good deed to help other hookers along.

So, now you thought you had all these rugs "finished" and put away.  On a day or in the evening, think about cataloging your work.  Even if it is just to help your family when you can't tell the stories behind each piece ... and may that be a LONG time from now.

                                                 "Chapel of Ease"




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