Selvedge Salvage

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In the blog post "Waste not" last year I showed this "hit or miss" rug made from selvedge edges.  Thought I'd try to explain how it was done.

Wen I dye it is usually in quarter or half yard pieces, so most of my selvedges are about 16 inches long. 

I started in the middle hooking one strip vertically, it came out about 6 or 7 will depend how high you pull the loops.  That is then the length of that square.  I hooked another strip next to it, not too close, leaving probably 3 rows of linen between. I kept hooking one strip next to each other til I had the length and the width the same for that square. It usually took 6 strips across.

Then I went under that square and hooked a strip perpendicular to square, that is horizontally. Surprise, it came out the to the edge of the square above it.  So I kept hooking strips across below the first strip til it matched the width.

That is basically it.  I kept hooking 5 or 6 strips across to make the squares.  If I didn't get it perfect, I'd either space out the strips a little or cut them off if they were too long.

It was fun to put the colors together for each square. Like a little package.  Sometimes I used all shades of one color, or I'd alternate complementary colors, or whatever. I don't think anybody ever does a real hit or miss rug by just pulling the next strip out of the bag. They may not color plan it, but some strips go back in the bag and they try again, I am sure. Even if they won't admit it.

When to stop?  When there isn't enough room for another square.  That's what I did. No fancy finishing, I just turned over the linen and sewed it down.  After all this was just a fun rug to use up some scraps (the selvedge box didn't get any emptier though..).  And the rug was a gift to my cat... She thought it was purr-ty.

Take advantage of the last few warm sunny days and hope to see you in Cleveland (bring a jacket) in October. Stop at the booth so we can visit. We will be the two sisters in blue aprons rearranging all the wool and patterns after each other until someone wins.

 I am looking forward to meeting people instead of names on a computer screen! 

Squarely Seaside,







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