Just use a Simple Photo Frame

Just use a Simple Photo Frame

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There are lots of ways to frame or hang a hooked piece.  For smaller pieces, an inexpensive photo frame can make a big impact.  I love the easel backed ones so they can sit on a table.  Seems the new houses don't have much wall space anymore.

So here is how I frame my small pieces.  Cut a piece of acid free mat just a tad smaller than the back piece of the frame.

   Block your piece so it is nice and square and size it to just come to the edges or bit past the card.

Using a strong button thread sew the piece tightly around the card.  Be sure to take big bites of backing and not just the edges as it will pull through. Mitering the corners often makes them too bulky, so I simply fold them over. 

Now put it in the frame and turn it over.  Does any of the backing show around the edges?  You might need to make the stitch in the back tighter.   Sometimes, that isn;t enough and you actually have to add a row of hooking.  

Now put the easel back on.  Some have little latches that need to be turned, others use flat tacks.  If the piece is tooo bulky, go back at re-evaluate the edges of your work.  If the loops are too far past the front opening, you'll have to remove an outside row on one or two edges. You just want you piece to fit so that the edge of the comes outside the opening.

How did you do?


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