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I'm not sure that I want to get into the blog business.  Seems to me I waste enough time on the computer away from the normal things of life (of course, including rug hooking).  But I'll start out and see where it goes.   Just realize I'm a little reticent to start.

I am a rug hooker, started out that way, at least.  We'll not started out...actually,started out as an embroiderer of jeans and work shirts, remember the day?  And I learned to knit from my grandmother since she was the only one who could teach me since we were both left-handed.  I am a whiz at making silly little knit slippers with pompoms.  Made a couple sweaters too, but not a great knitter.  Don't even ask me about socks.

Did my share of macramé plant hangers, few counted cross-stich pieces (ugh).  Then got started on needlepoint...

Now needlepoint is something you can really get long as you have money to burn.  Think rug hooking is getting a little pricey?  Check out needlepoint canvases and fancy threads.

I guess I still love needlepoint.  Will probably continue to do it.  I have a partially done canvas that has sat on a frame for at least 7 years.  The fact that it's still on the frame means I haven't given up on it.

And then came rug hooking........




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