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 Registration Form

Scrub Hooking Camp - January 25-28, 2019

The Inn On The Lakes

3101 Golfview Road & US 27 South

Sebring, Florida, 33872

Please print this form and return by mail to Seaside Rug Hooking Company (address below) No email registrations will be accepted.

Please fill in all blanks and make check payable to Seaside Rug Hooking Company for the registration fee of $85.00. Balance of $320.00 payable by January 20, 2019. Deposit of $85.00 is not refundable. Prices are subject to change.

Enclose a SASE so I may mail your confirmation to you or I will send it by email if you prefer.


Check #_____________________ & amount of check: _______________________, Date_________________________


Name:_________________________winter-Phone#_______________________summer phone____________________






E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________________________Please print clearly


Name and # to call in case of an emergency_______________________________________________________________


Who will your room mate be? _________________________________________ Do you need a roommate?__________


*Teachers: Joan Reckwerdt, or Sheila Arbogast.  Diane Stoffel's class is full.


1st choice_______________________________________, 2nd choice __________________________________________


Please list any necessary diet restrictions:________________________________________________________________________________



I will not hold the director or teachers responsible for any accident or illness. Please Initial ________________


Confirmation will be sent by email upon receipt of registration or

enclose an SASE if you prefer & it will be snail mailed to you.


If a guest is coming and wants all meals the price is $210.00 including gratuities payable upon arrival.  Price is subject to change.

Name of guest____________________________________, Will guest be partaking of all meals? ___________




Laura Kenyon

Seaside Rug Hooking Company

133 Old Tower Hill Rd.

Wakefield, RI 02879

(401) 932-6994

email: Laura@rughookseaside.com