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We would like to announce with great excitement that we will be the new directors of Anne Eastwood’s Scrub Hooking Camps starting with the January camp in 2019. We are blessed to be chosen by Anne to continue her tradition of the camps in Sebring, Florida.  Camps are held each January, March, and July.

We will continue the camp as it has been run by Miss Anne.  How did the camp ever get it's name?  Well, the first camp was held in August 1991 at the Archbold Biological  Station  for ecological research and education in  working ranchland and native habitats contiguous with thousands of acres of intact scrub habitats near Lake Placid, Florida.  It is still  an integral part of the effort to protect and restore the unique biological diversity of the Lake Wales Ridge in Central Florida. In 1997, the camp moved to its present location in Sebring at the Inn on the Lakes.

The first camp under our supervision will be January 25-28. Registration is open for that camp as well as the March camp and registration forms are available by printing off the "Registration" page, emailing us at laura@rughookseaside.com, or calling Laura at (401) 932-6994. Details for the camps are on the forms.

January teachers are Joan Reckwerdt, and Sheila Arbrogast.  Diane Stoffel's class is already full.

March teachers are Glenn Ryley Cotton, Carol Feeney, and Laura Kenyon.

Teachers may charge a color planning fee for work at home depending on size and amount of planning involved.

Teachers are paid from your registration fee for teaching in class, not for homework. Your teacher will contact you and as in the past you may work on unfinished patterns and get help from the teachers or you may start a new project. If buying a new pattern  purchasing it from your camp teacher is always appreciated. There will be a camp store and teachers will always have lots of wool.

The camps will continue to be held at the beautiful Inn on the Lakes. The Inn has a pool (imagine a cold drink poolside), exercise room.restaurant, and cocktail lounge. There is an elevator.   There is shopping nearby.  There are two golf courses within walking distance. There is a beachfront boat landing, tennis, and horseback riding.  The inn is pet friendly so the whole family can visit.

You may come into your classroom & select your hooking space any time after 11 A.M. Classes will start at 2 PM Friday & end on Monday at 2:30 PM.

Total registration is $405. $85.00 deposit is nonrefundable, Prices may be subject to change. Registration fee covers meals:  Friday dinner through Monday lunch, all gratuities including tax, teacher’s fees, classroom space  with coffee & ice. Wine, crackers, cheese, during orientation.

You must make your own room reservations.  Blocks have been set aside for both January and March classes. March rooms should be booked as soon as possible since the camp coincides with the Sebring races. 

 Inn On The Lakes

3101 Golfview Road, Sebring, Florida, 33872 

Phone numbers:
Toll Free: (800) 531-5253
Local: (863) 471-9400
Fax: (863) 471-9400

Room fees at the Inn are:

 (I to 4 people) $129.00 + 9.5 % tax – non lakeside

  $134.00 + . 9.5 % tax – lakeside .

Meals are included from dinner on Friday through lunch on Monday.  And Oh what food!


Please note that Joan Reckwerdt's "Hooking and Looking" camp traditionally held in November will not be effected, except that Miss Anne will not be involved.  Joan can be reached at (541) 318-4733.