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We are listing small batches of hand-dyed art wool to add to your rugs...we are known for color and we won't disappoint.  This is an experiment since our wool is so popular at events, so we will all see how it goes.  

We have placed a color bar right next to the wool to compare with the colors! If you want to be especially sure, put your color wheel up against the screen to see if your monitor is showing you the true colors.

And since you can't feel our wool from your chair, we use only Dorr Mill's signature line of wool, made in the US. You know the wool is consistently good and can be used for fine cuts without falling apart. Ask anyone who has seen us at a rug show, our wool is soft and nicely fulled when we are done with the dyeing process.

The pieces are priced per fat quarter, roughly 17 in by 27 inches.  If you purchase more than one, it will be from the same piece of wool.  It may be a whole piece or several quarters, depending on stock. The quantity number always says 1, but if you click on it how many pieces are available will show.

Buy what you need, because there is no way I can duplicate a piece.  I call it "art" wool because I dye from the heart. I dye for the fun of it.

This is an experiment since our wool is so popular at events.  Please leave a review when you receive your wool to let us know if we should continue.