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This pattern can be hooked as an exquisite fine-shaded pictorial or in a wider cut to give it a more contemporary look.

The old timey feel of the  smaller photo can show how a new rug can look 100 years old just by the color choices. The more contemporary rug is brighter and bolder, while the other one looks faded.  Both have their place and we can help with color planning. The pattern itself has few details allowing lots of improving in the sea and sky.  It is pretty much an open canvas for you to paint your mood.

This is a classic design by Jackye Hansen that is perfect for the home near the water in the North. It would pair well with her other classic Maine coast when you are decorating for that old beach cottage feel.


18 in by 24 in

The rug with the red lighthouse was hooked in an 8-cut by Debra Walland.

SKU: JD 0435
$ 58.00

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