Put a Twinkle in their Eye

Debra Walland

Ever wonder how some portraits of people or animals look so alive?  It's all in the eyes.  A little trick to engage your viewer is to put a little highlight in the eyes.  After all, eyes are rounded,and shiny, and reflect a little something in any light.

So how do you make that happened with yarn or wool strips....a dot of a light color.  I almost always use white.  Sometimes it is a tail, a loop, and a tail.  Smaller eyes may need just two tails. Leave both ends long, twist them together to make a single dot, then cut it.  Here are some examples. Hope this little tip helps!                                               


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How to Sell Your Work

Debra Walland
So, let me tell you how I have been successful (so far) selling my work for what I consider a fair price. I do not try to sell the big ticket items, but I make small pieces....

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USA50 - Would you like to contribute?

Debra Walland1 comment
The USA50 project is to send hooked a hooked pillow from every state up to a historic church in Canada for their hard wooden pews.  The church is being used as a performance venue and museum...long performances get uncomfortable, hence the pillows.  It is our gift to the church celebrating its 200th birthday.

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Vintage postcards - What is a pareel anyway?

Debra Walland

Laura and I went "Pickin'" a few months ago and  went into a used book shop near the University of Rhode Island. In the back was an old library card catalog (remember those) filled with old postcards.

We found one of the chapel where my brother and sister in-in-law were married in Watch Hill, RI.  That immediately was put in their anniversary card this year.

We found tons of old photos of Europe and faraway places as well as local ones of the area.

And then we found the holidays.  I guess it was common to send postcards the way we send or used to send greeting cards at holidays.  Now, it is often just a quick text message.  I still send cards.  Anyway...

We found some lovely art on these cards. This one a Christmas card  from Dayton, OH to a friend in Detroit.  Postmarked Dec 21,1916-- They must have had better mail service then.  The family wrote a lovely note about how they would love to see their friends' Christmas tree, but they were going to another family's house this year. They wrote how they hoped Santa would be good to them.  The sentiments haven't changed. And a pareel is an old word for parcel that comes from the Dutch.  That explains the little Dutch boy wrapping the gift.

I thought it would make a lovely piece of wall art, or pillow for the season.  If you have a porch at the front door so it doesn't get wet, how nice to hang it on gold braid instead of the usual wreath.Here is the pattern.  You'll find it in the Christmas section or the New Patterns.


I thought I would post a few more of the Christmas cards we found.  Maybe you will see those as patterns sometime as well.

Oh, If you are wondering about copyright rules.  Old cards like these are not copyrighted by the publisher and as long as you own the card, you may use it.

Hope you enjoyed this little preview of Christmas ---the Season is coming upon us quickly.  

But first,

Happy Thanksgiving from Laura and me,


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