USA50 - Would you like to contribute?

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The USA50 project is to send hooked a hooked pillow from every state up to a historic church in Canada for their hard wooden pews.  The church is being used as a performance venue and museum...long performances get uncomfortable, hence the pillows.  It is our gift to the church celebrating its 200th birthday.

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The Three Amigas Challenge

Debra Walland
Three punkinheads decided to do a challenge.  Three different ways to hook the Talavera Pumpkin, just in time for Halloween and the Day of the the Dead.

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Three Seas

Debra Walland

   You know sometimes, you  are having so much time at a meeting or class or gathering, that you get a little carried away?  You get enthusiastic about the future.  Maybe you buy more wool than you need, or you make a commitment to your local group, or you buy a pattern for a rug that is huge.  And then you get home and say "What did I do?"

Well, three good friends, Lita McCormick, Sandy Myers, and Patty Simpson  decided they would have their own little challenge.  They decided to pick a pattern and each hook it in their own way. They chose a great design that is not too big.  It also offers all kinds of choices and improvisations.





One friend got right in to it. Her rug was done in no time.  One was in the middle,  And the other said  " What did I get myself into?" and procrastinated a little...okay, well more than a little.


Isn't it amazing how they are so different?

Well, guess what, they have decided to do it again.  They are hooking the Talavera Pumpkin...

Stay tuned!


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